Studio Kew

Zumba, Pole Fitness, Tango, Salsa, Pole Dancing classes in Richmond, West London

Why Exercise with us?

Studio Kew is situated under Kew Bridge in West London, and is the home of the internationally acclaimed Yes!!Brazil show.

Here we can offer classes in Latin dance including cha cha tango, capoeira, salsa, zumba, Polefit , Brazilian drums, flamenco and samba. We also offer Latin workouts and yoga. There are classes for children for capoeira and Brazilian percussion.
There is something for all
... ages in Latin dance and you don't need a partner.

All classes are presented by professional tutors who specialise in each different type of Latin dance.

Studio Kew offers a wide range of Dance Classes in West London.
Insured By: musicians insurance services

Insured By: musicians insurance services
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